It’s like “Cheer’s” but for bikes.

Whether you have a 30 year-old bike that’s been tucked in your attic and needs new life, or a brand new $15,000 mountain bike with a squeaky brake, we take great pride in solving any “problem” on two wheels.  The list below describes our tune-ups, but we are prepared to fix everything from a flat tire to a 2005 suspension fork. What’s more, we care about you.  We want your experience here to be world class, and we promise not the be the big jerks that sometimes lurk behind service counters in our industry. So c’mon in and get some serious bike love.  We hope to see you soon.

Basic Tune Up

For bikes ridden occasionally –1 or 2 times a week in warm weather

  • Clean – We thoroughly clean every bike to properly inspect for damage, increase the longevity of the bike, and apply a frame protectant (the Colorado sun is no joke).
  • Adjust – Hubs, derailleurs, brakes, headset, and bottom bracket are brought to the ideal performance.
  • Tension – Wheels are made true and spoke tension is balanced to ensure longevity.
  • Test ride – A tuned bike should ride perfectly. We stand behind our work and guarantee the mechanic who signs off on the work rode it and has conveyed any worn components to you before you pick the bike up.


Tune Plus

For bikes ridden ridden regularly – 2-4 times per week

In addition to the services in the Standard tune, our customer can choose between the following

  • Drivetrain cleaning – Return your drivetrain to like new performance and preserve its longevity. Installation of new drive train parts is free of charge (parts additional) Recommended once a season or following months of foul weather riding.


  • Cables and housing replacement – Includes labor to wrap new road bar tape. (essential parts will be an additional $25-$75)


Road Bike Overhaul

For road bikes ridden regularly 4 days a week or more and expected to perform like new

  • Bike is stripped to the frame.
  • Drivetrain is removed and totally cleaned
  • Cables and housing are replaced
  • Hubs fully serviced and bearing replaced or serviced as needed.
  • Bottom bracket and Headset bearings are replaced or serviced as needed
  • Any new parts are installed free of charge
  • Essential parts range from ($60 – $95)


Full Suspension Overhaul

For mountain bikes ridden regularly in Colorado

In addition to the Standard Tune and the Tune Plus

  • Suspension fork service and seals replaced
  • Rear Shock seals and DU bushings replaced.
  • Bearings (pivot, hub, bottom bracket, headset) inspected, serviced, and replaced as needed.
  • Brake bleed: completely flushing the system, lubing pistons and readjusting brake.
  • Tubeless tire sealant replaced
  • Any new parts installed free of charge (e.g. tires, brake pads, handlebars, etc…)
  • Essential part and fluids range from $85 to $125


($250 for Hardtail)

Just Stop In and See Us Today

Our team is more than happy to help you out. Our goal is to get you back on the trails/road as soon as we can!

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